Product Q & A


Look no further. Ceramic coatings are now available to treat any vehicle you have in your collection. With products specifically designed to protect everything from paint, to plastic, rubber, fabric, leather, glass and more, we have just the coating you need to ensure your car will look as good as the first day you drove it off the lot.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a type of protective coating system specifically designed for use in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. Thanks to “nanotechnology,” Ceramic Coating exhibits super hydrophobic characteristics that are self-cleaning, while also offering long-term protection from UV exposure, corrosion, staining, scratch resistance, etc. to a wide variety of surface types.

When you say nanotechnology, do you mean little robots?

No micro machines here. It’s more so about the scale at which Ceramic Pro becomes effective. While often referred to as “nanotechnology,” the hydrophobic nature of Ceramic Coating is due to its cured nanoscopic architecture, which promotes self cleaning through wider contact angles, preventing surface wetting. This is a trait more commonly known as the “lotus effect.”

What kind of protection does Ceramic Coating offer?

The protection provided by Ceramic Coating really depends on the coating that’s applied, how many coats are applied, and how the vehicle is maintained. In short, it’s a form of preventative protection that’s ready for the unexpected. While 9H won’t keep your paint safe from a front end collision, it will keep those pesky bird droppings from etching through your clear coat, requiring a re-spray. Depending on what gets treated, Ceramic Coating can offer serious protection from swirls, light scratches, UV fading, corrosion, staining, and more.

What coating is the best for PROTECTING my exterior paint, trims, and/or wheels?

For the painted exterior surfaces, we recommend a minimum application of one coat of 9H for scratch protection with a stacked application of Light for maximum hydrophobicity. Trims, bumpers, and exterior plastics can be treated accordingly. Wheels & calipers can also be coated with 9H + Light, or treated with a heavy-duty Wheel + Caliper solution for longer-term protection.

What can I do to protect my car’s interior?

Depending on the interior surface, your vehicle may benefit greatly from a textile or leather treatment. Not only will the interior be protected from spills, staining, dirt & grime, but also safe from UV damage and fading.

How are Ceramic Coating products applied?

Very carefully. In all seriousness, it’s a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly or done hastily, as it may result in more work to right a wronged installation. Paint coatings like 9H and Light are applied by hand or sprayed, one panel at a time. Prior to application, surfaces must be fully cleansed, inspected, prepped and potentially even polished so that proper adhesion of the coating can occur. It’s a vital step to ensure a strong bond between the paintwork, stacked coating applications, and ultimately, improve coating longevity. Other products are spray-on, requiring attention for equal application & saturation. It takes time to install and cure any protective coating.

Can I install Ceramic Coating myself?

No, if you’re concerned that the shop you’re working with may not be an authorized installer, we recommend checking the distributor’s website for a current list of approved operations.

I want to keep my car protected from rock chips and nicks, will Ceramic Coating do that?

In standard application scenarios, no, it is not designed to protect from high-velocity impacts from projectiles. While it does act as a new surface layer, it’s not thick enough to prevent that level of gouging. However, ceramic coating is incredibly resistant to scratching and swirl marks caused by regular washing, providing resilient shine to any surface it coats. If rock chip protection is what you’re after, we recommend XPEL Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) for the Ultimate Protection!

How does Ceramic Coating compare to that stuff they install at the dealership?

The level of protection & longevity that the products we use provide far exceeds anything that’s readily available at an auto dealership or direct to consumers. Most of what you’ll find at dealerships are short-term topical sealants, glossifiers, and petroleum distillate-based coatings that aren’t intended to offer serious protection.

How do I maintain & care for my car after it’s coated with Ceramic Coating products?

We recommend hand washing your vehicle using a high-quality product on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. If you’d like, we can arrange Our World Class hand wash routine at the time of your Ceramic Pro coating treatments, just ask!

How much does it cost to coat my car with Ceramic Coating?

The cost of your coating application really depends on the size of the car, and type of surface protection you desire. For a quick reference, a Gold package which includes four coats of 9H on paint, one coat of 9H on wheels, one coat of Light, and a single layer of Rain. Call for your personalized quote.